Strategic Planning


Huval & Associates was founded with bridge engineering services as a core offering. We provide engineering design services for new bridges of various complexities, including many types of fixed and movable bridges. Our bridge services can be performed independently or in conjunction with existing roadway plans.

The Huval team also offers engineering services for the repair, rehabilitation, or replacement of existing bridge structures. Huval & Associates provides design plans, specifications and construction cost estimates to be let for bid and we can internally provide design-build and repair services through our close relationships with contractors. We can provide an in-depth feasibility study to determine the best type of bridge structure and/or repair design for a particular location.

Fixed Bridge Design and Rehabilitation

The engineers at Huval & Associates have hundreds of years of design experience on all types of fixed bridges.  This experience allows us to develop innovative repair solutions to deficiencies associated with slab span bridges, pre-stressed concrete girder span bridges, steel girder span bridges, cable-stayed bridges and truss bridges.  Our familiarity and experience with ever evolving design codes and innovations allow us to provide design services for all types of fixed bridge needs.

Movable Bridge Design and Rehabilitation

Movable bridges form unique design challenges for both vehicular and waterway traffic. Utilizing the latest design innovations, Huval & Associates can provide design services and construction support for a variety of movable bridge types, including pontoon bridges, swing span bridges, vertical lift bridges, and bascule bridges. Our experience with movable bridge design and familiarity with statewide and regional infrastructure provide us with the necessary knowledge to repair and/or rehabilitate existing movable bridges.

Bridge Inspection

Huval & Associates performs NBI and Element Level inspections for all types, sizes, and lengths of bridge structures, ranging from major Mississippi River bridge crossings to one span timber structures. We have developed databases, inspection forms, procedures and programs to collect, store, and analyze the data obtained from these inspections. Other types of inspections conducted by Huval & Associates include: fracture critical inspections, sign truss inspections, and electrical and mechanical inspections of movable bridge systems.

Bridge Load Ratings

Huval & Associates conducts Load and Resistance Factor Ratings (LRFR) for various types of bridges based on existing conditions obtained from site inspections, as-built plans, and non-destructive testing, where necessary.  We also perform “as-designed” ratings on various bridge types to provide our clients with a baseline for new bridge structures.

Bridge Construction Support

Huval & Associates’ Bridge Construction Support Services are second to none. Huval & Associates offers construction support services for all types of fixed and movable bridge structures. For movable bridge structures, Huval & Associates has developed erection procedures and overseen the operation of structural, mechanical, and hydraulic systems. Huval & Associates provides erection procedures for fixed and movable bridge construction that includes performing the design of temporary support systems, end-on construction analysis and construction phasing to reduce construction time and costs. Our team is capable of providing engineering services from conception through completion of a project.

Bridge-Mounted Soundwalls

Huval & Associates also provides design services for bridge-mounted soundwalls. Bridge-mounted soundwalls decrease noise pollution in urban areas and can be used in conjunction with ground-mounted soundwalls.

Bridge Engineering Services

  • Fixed Bridge Design and Rehabilitation
  • Moveable Bridge Design and Rehabilitation
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Bridge Load Ratings
  • Bridge Construction Support
  • Bridge-Mounted Soundwalls
  • Box Culvert Design and Load Ratings


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