About Us

Our Mission: To relentlessly provide our clients with exceptional service, innovation, quality, and value that has defined our reputation in the past and will sustain it in the future.”

Huval & Associates is an engineering consulting firm based in Lafayette, LA that provides civil and structural engineering solutions for clients throughout the United States and abroad. Our firm is licensed in numerous states and has performed engineering and construction services for clients in over 20 states and 3 countries.

Goal Driven

The engineering team at Huval & Associates routinely completes exceedingly technical projects that require a high level of expertise. In recent years, our firm has grown in both size and scope; as a result, the range of our practical experience coupled with the diverse knowledge of our team has enabled us to take on technically complex engineering projects and complete them either on or ahead of schedule, time and again. Each time our team completes a complex project, we raise the bar for our next challenge.

Client Oriented

At Huval & Associates, we seek to develop a close working relationship with our clients. Our team consistently delivers a finished product that meets the exacting specifications of each client. Our clients choose Huval & Associates because of our solid reputation for diving into projects and completing them quickly, often ahead of schedule and without compromise to safety or cost. The reputation Huval & Associates has earned over the years in the field of engineering is due in part to our company culture; we strongly believe in going to any reasonable length to satisfy the needs of our clients, even if this means working late hours or weekends. It is our dedication to satisfying customer needs that has earned us a long list of regular clients who come to us for solutions to their unique engineering problems. We believe establishing solid client relationships fosters open communication, which in turn enables us to better anticipate the needs of our clients.

Innovative & Adaptable

Huval & Associates continues to grow as a regional leader for civil, structural, geotechnical, and roadway design services.  Our engineering staff has a diverse range of expertise, thus allowing us to tackle the various facets of each project in-house, keeping outsourcing to a bare minimum and costs down. Our areas of expertise include structural and geotechnical engineering, as well as bridge design, roadway design, and construction erection services. In addition to bridge design, we also perform complete bridge services including inspection, rehabilitation, maintenance, and related construction services.  Our construction erection engineering services are unmatched.


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At Huval & Associates, we believe that our people are our future. We are always on the lookout for employees who share our passion, innovation and commitment to providing clients with expert design and engineering services. Interested parties should forward a CV with the form below for consideration.