Huval & Associates provides an assortment of structural design services to a wide range of clients in the private, industrial and governmental sectors.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to the assessment of existing structures for wind or storm ratings, interpretation of vibration monitoring, and the design, rehabilitation and/or retrofitting of steel and concrete framed buildings for both private and commercial clients..

Structural Engineering

We also design steel and concrete structures used for marine access and industrial equipment. The engineering team at Huval & Associates expertly designs drainage structures, such as culverts, catch basins, coulees, and other concrete lined channels.

We are well versed in the design of retaining structures consisting of concrete, steel, earthen elements, vinyl, and timber. Our design experience with timber structures also includes support platforms, bulkheads, docks, and piers.

At Huval & Associates, our means and methods of providing engineering solutions allow us to continually improve upon the efficiency of our clients’ organizations.

Industrial Structural Engineering Services

Huval & Associates also provides structural engineering services to chemical plants and industrial concerns including design analyses and procedures for various portions of multiple plant turnarounds, expansions, and the extraction and installation of equipment.

Our other industrial structural engineering services include design of structural falsework which will not compromise the structural integrity of related component units in confined spaces.

We design trolley and rail systems for use in the removal and extraction of existing units as well as installation of replacement or new units.

Huval & Associates provides designs for bracing walls and towers that provide adequate structural integrity during the removal and replacement of critical component units.

Before our engineering design process begins, we properly assess the existing structure for the feasibility of installation and determine the load ratings for the additional equipment.

Huval & Associates is experienced in the design of access platforms that facilitate ease of maintenance and operations, as well as create increased safety for workers.

Structural Engineering Services

  • Commercial and Private Buildings
  • Steel and Concrete Structures
  • Timber Structures
  • Drainage Structures
  • Retaining Structures
  • Existing Building Assessments
  • Load Ratings
  • Plant Turnarounds and Expansions
  • Equipment Extraction and Installation
  • Pipe Configuration and Support Systems
  • Means and Methods
  • Process Evaluation

Geotechnical Engineering

Huval & Associates has been contracted by private contractors as well as state and federal agencies for the design of geotechnical structures. We have extensive experience in the engineering of deep foundations and earth retaining structures.

Along with comprehensive design procedures, we utilize geotechnical and structural software to meet with the on-site challenges of our clients. Through pile analysis we are able to determine the geotechnical capacity of the piles we design for structural support.

The engineers of Huval & Associates are regularly called upon to design various types of temporary cofferdams incorporating sheet piles, vinyl sheets, timber, etc. in various configurations. We engineer retaining walls for the prevention of water or soil infiltration into job site areas where work must be carried out at lower elevations.

Huval & Associates designs both temporary and permanent work platforms for the support of heavy structures on weak soils. We also design deep and shallow foundations, consisting of the following types: pile supported, drill shaft, spread footings and mat foundations.

Regardless of job site conditions, Huval & Associates can meet your geotechnical structural demands.

We offer Geotechnical Design Services for the following structures:

  • Work Platforms
  • Cofferdams
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sheet Pile Design
  • Foundation Design (deep and shallow)
  • Pile Analysis
  • Flood Protection
  • Dewatering
  • Excavation Stabilization
  • Various other temporary retaining structures


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